WOS Portable

WOS Portable 2.1.1

Run a web server from any USB stick


  • Free to use
  • Fits on a USB stick
  • Comes pre-installed with software


  • Very basic web server


In a world of increasing mobility and USB sticks, it seems that nothing is impossible to take with you on the move and WOS takes this approach to the world of web servers.

WOS is an Apache server based on PHP and MySQL that can be taken anywhere on a USB Stick. You need only plug in your USB stick and hey presto, you've got a complete functioning Apache webserver with PHP and MySQL. The program also includes several applications to get up and running on your webserver including TYPO3, Wordpress, OS Commerce, Joomla, Mambo, and Drupal. Note that to get the best out of WOS, you should install and run WOS from the root directory of a drive because the first time it's run, WOS configures the paths for the servers based on the current directory. In subsequent uses after that, it changes the drive only, so it's annoying if you have to change directories later. The installation is fairly straightforward although and once done, you should see a server screen upon which you click "End". Now copy the wosportable directory (“C:\wosportable”) to your USB-stick (“I:\wosportable”). When you execute the “wos.exe” on your USB-stick, the server is started immediately, and your browser should popup although if it fails, just hit the refresh button and you're done.

This is an incredibly powerful little package for such a small webserver and to think it's free and fits on a USB stick will only add to it's appeal for those webmaster on the move.

WOS stands for the three letter abbreviation Webserver On Stick and makes it possible, to run a webserver based on Apache, MySQL and PHP from a USB Stick or any other writable media (hard drive, flash cards etc.) without installation under Windows (98 to Vista).

There are three different versions of WOS for you to try and explore so that you can run your webserver whenever and wherever you are.

WOS Portable


WOS Portable 2.1.1

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